Bradley Dworkin

Bradley Dworkin

* Listed in a recent past issue of Chicago Magazine as a SUPER LAWYER a honor bestowed upon only the top 5% of Illinois Lawyers.

* Recently taught a workers compensation class at a well respected Chicago law school

* On the Faculty at the National Business Institute and Lormans Education Services teaching workers compensation to other lawyers and professionals.

* Hosted the Illinois Work Injury hour on the Radio.

* Other lawyers have hired Mr. Dworkin to represent them when they have been hurt at work.

* Other lawyers regularly refer their clients who have been hurt at work to Mr. Dworkin.

* 22 years experience and many happy clients.

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Illinois Workers Compensation Laws

Most injured workers in Illinois do not realize their legal rights. If you are injured on the job, you are entitled to three benefits.

1) While off of work, you may be entitled to temporary total disability. These are weekly payments to you which should amount to 2/3 percent (66%) of your weekly salary.

2) In many cases an injured worker can see up to two doctors of his own choice, and the employer is also responsible for paying the charges made by any other doctors or hospitals to whom the worker is referred by either of his first two choices of doctors. 

However, if the employer maintains a Preferred Provider list, the worker is required to select a treater from that list as his first choice of doctor, or else forfeit that first choice.  In that case, he will be entitled to only one doctor of his own choice. 

In our opinion, the doctors on an employer’s Preferred Provider list are biased in favor of the employer and should not be seen.  Because declining to treat with the employer’s doctors will leave the worker with only one choice of doctor, it is important that he contact us before beginning treatment so that we can review with you your doctors and make the best use of your choice.

3) Lastly, you are entitled to permanent disability. This is a settlement for your injuries.

In addition to your basic rights you have rights under the Workers' Compensation Act, the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission rules and thousands of cases that the Illinois courts have ruled on establish the legal precedent.

We have extensive knowledge of Illinois workers compensation laws and workers rights. Our experienced worker compensation lawyers fight diligently for your recovery to get justice you deserve.