Chicago Police Officer Injured on the Job

A Chicago police officer was pursuing a suspect on foot October 11th when he was bitten by a pit bull terrier. The injury occurred on Chicago's South Side.

According to the Chicago Tribune, "at about 6:19 p.m., two police officers from the Gresham district were on patrol when they stopped to speak with a man who quickly fled as police tried to speak with him, said Chicago Police News Affairs Officer Daniel O'Brien.

As the officers began chasing the man on foot, someone in the area released the dog which attacked the officers on the 7500 block of Union Avenue, police said."

The officer was subsequently hospitalized, but the injury was not considered life threatening.

Chicago Work Injuries

If you are injured on the job, you are entitled to protection and benefits under the Illinois Workers Compensation Act. This legislation has specific time limits, document submission guidelines and many other requirements that must be met in order to successfully file a Chicago workers compensation claim. While you are legally able to represent yourself, it is not advisable.

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