Bradley Dworkin

Bradley Dworkin

* Listed in a recent past issue of Chicago Magazine as a SUPER LAWYER a honor bestowed upon only the top 5% of Illinois Lawyers.

* Recently taught a workers compensation class at a well respected Chicago law school

* On the Faculty at the National Business Institute and Lormans Education Services teaching workers compensation to other lawyers and professionals.

* Hosted the Illinois Work Injury hour on the Radio.

* Other lawyers have hired Mr. Dworkin to represent them when they have been hurt at work.

* Other lawyers regularly refer their clients who have been hurt at work to Mr. Dworkin.

* 22 years experience and many happy clients.

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Chicago Illinois Workers Compensation Lawyer

At The Law offices of Bradley Dworkin, our Chicago Illinois workers compensation lawyers know how difficult and frustrating the filing of worker compensation claims process can be. Tragically, most injured workers in Chicago, Illinois do not bother to file for workers compensation or do not understand their legal rights. If you are injured on the job in Illinois, we are always here to help you.

Our Chicago workers Compensation attorneys have 22 years of experience in handling various types of work injury related cases and fight for the rights of workers to get maximum compensation they deserve.

Our lawyers are well experienced in Illinois workers comp laws and have all the resources required to file a successful claim. We will manage your work injury case aggressively and believe that every worker deserves to get maximum recovery possible for their injury.

The Law Offices of Bradley Dworkin focus on workers compensation issues in Chicago, Illinois and will work closely with you to fully investigate the circumstances of the work injury case and help to ensure a quick settlement process where possible.

If you or your loved one has been injured in any type of work related accident, call us on 1-877-606-6330 or Request a Free Work Injury Consultation.

Illinois Workers Compensation Laws

The state of Illinois has laws to protect workers who fall victim to any sort of mishaps at their work place. Anybody who is injured while working can benefit from the Illinois Workers Compensation Act, until he or she recovers.

Under the current Illinois Workers Compensation program, an employer is obligated to provide medical care and pay for all mandatory visits to a doctor. Though in a normal work injury related workers' compensation case, there may be some debates as to how much medical care is really needed and how much medical care an employer must provide.

Illinois Workers Compensation Act allows an employee the right to receive medical treatment from two physicians (general practitioner) of his or her choice. Besides that, those two general practitioners are able to refer the employee to any other specialists or doctors they feel are necessary. This is known as the “chain of referral" and every general practitioner in a chain counts as only one of the two physicians that an employee is allowed under the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act to see at the employer's expense. Learn more about Illinois Workers Compensation Laws and find out if you need a Chicago Workers Compensation Attorney.  

Workers Compensation and Your Rights as an Injured Worker in Illinois:


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